Management Team


ON-SITE TECHNICAL SERVICES, INC. was founded in 2004. As President of ON-SITE, Mr. Kent Kreeger provides leadership and direction to our domestic and international inspection staff to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. His experience includes large-diameter valves, pumps and hydraulic turbine generators, forgings, and welded structures, pressure vessels, and mechanical assemblies. Mr. Kreeger is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 year’s experience supporting Project management as a Reliability engineer for the Rotating Equipment. In this role his responsibilities included Quality Assurance for new and repaired equipment, Vibration Analysis and Failure Analysis.

Today, ON-SITE provides fabrication Quality Assurance services for our clients in over 15 different countries and our Construction Quality Assurance inspection team supports numerous high profile Public works projects throughout the United States. Mr. Kreeger leads our mechanical equipment team providing technical support to our clients including, installation and start-up support, vibration analysis, failure analysis, and problem resolution are some of the services that are provided to our clients.

Mechanical Equipment Support:

During the purchasing phase our team provides specification review, submittal review, completes audits of fabricators facilities. During fabrication in process inspections are completed including witnessing performance and functional tests. Once the equipment has been received we work closely with the construction team to insure the equipment is properly installed. During start the equipment is closely monitored and vibration analysis is completed to insure proper operation. Often our clients ask for support during the repair process of complex equipment. Our team of engineers will complete visits to the repair shop and witness critical measurements and processes. Initial visit include inspections that will help determine the failure mode of the equipment. During final assembly our engineers will witness the assembly confirming all of the components are dimensionally correct and it is correctly assembled.

Field services include inspection support during outages and pump replacement. Our engineers confirm alignment and pipe strain prior to start up. During start up vibration, temperature and other critical process items are closely monitored.

Field Vibration Analysis:

Often ON-SITE is called on to provide failure analysis inspection support. The ON-SITE team works closely with Metallurgical Labs and specialty Engineering firms identify the failure mode. Often Finite Element Analyses and other computer modeling is required coupled with the lab analysis and process data is required to fully understand the failure mode.

Operations Manager:

Mr. Ron Coleman has over 25 years of direct Management experience providing inspection and engineering support of over $5B of Capital projects providing Fabrication inspection and Engineering support of Capitol Projects both domestic and overseas. Mr. Coleman has over twenty (25) years of direct experience in large diameter steel pipe fabrication and inspection with sizes ranging up to 196” diameter steel pipe, Spherical Ball Valves up to 216 inches, Rubber Lined Butterfly valves to 144 inches, Sleeve Valves to 72 inches, Plunger Valves to 60 inches, Knife Gate valves to 60 inch. Welded and cast Sluice Gates, Slide Gates, Drop Gates, and Stop Logs for water flow control. Mr. Coleman has Extensive Experience providing inspection of wide variety of protective coating systems from Polyurethane, Coal Tar Epoxy, Fusion Bonded Epoxy, High Solid Epoxy corrosion protection systems.

Mr. Coleman is an AWS Certified Welding Inspector and NACE III Certified Coating inspector, and holds certifications in accordance with ASNT SNTC-TC1A (Level II) in Radiographic, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, and Liquid Penetrant Inspection. As Operations manager Mr. Coleman Inspects and supervises inspection teams throughout the United States for numerous State, County, and Government Water Agencies on all types of Large Diameter Pipe and Structural Steel projects. Provides technical support to inspectors, specification review, review of QC plans and audits of fabricators, develops inspection plans. Areas of expertise include welded structures, pressure vessels, large diameter water pipe, and fabricated valves. Highly proficient and experienced in the area of welding practices, procedures, and inspection to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section VIII and American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1 Codes, NACE-SSPC codes and standards

Senior Project Engineer:

Mr. William Early P.E. has over 24 years progressive engineering design and construction management experience in the areas of Structural / Heavy Civil / Site Development / Water & Wastewater industry. Mr. Early’s is a register Professional Engineer in CA, MO., PA., whose experience and credentials include BS Civil Engineering, MS Civil/Structural Engineering, and holds certifications as an AWS Certified Welding Inspector and NACE II Certified Coating inspector. Mr. Early has more than 10 years in the areas of Quality Assurance inspection, welding engineering, weld inspection, and weld repair associated with Structural Steel Bridge and Water Treatment industry. Mr. Early is highly proficient and experienced in the area of welding practices, procedures, and inspection to American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section VIII and American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1, D1.5 Codes, AWWA, NACE-SSPC codes and standards.

Mr. Early also has extensive training in the area of Bridge inspection of fracture critical bridges, Bridge condition assessment/analysis and rehabilitation in accordance with Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of transportation and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) procedures. Mr. Early has also served on the ASCE fixed structures inspection and maintenance committee for development of its nationwide structures inspection guidelines. Mr. Early has managed inspection team’s performing Quality Assurance of multi-million dollar structural steel fabrication inspection contracts for various departments of transportation including Penn DOT, Illinois DOT, Maryland SHA, Ohio Turnpike Authority, and Minnesota DOT.

Mr. Early has served as Chief Bridge Engineer for the City of St. Louis responsible for the design, oversight, maintenance, and inspections for the City’s Bridge programs totaling over $100 million dollars annually. He has also served in the capacity of Sr. Engineer for the Bi-State Development Agency (Metro Link), responsible for managing construction on the largely elevated, $50 million portion which consisted of 4 bridges totaling approximately 3500 lineal feet. Mr. Early has also acted in the capacity of Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor for National Steel responsible for troubleshooting and repair of breakdowns of mill equipment and piping during operation. He has also served as design team member and Resident Engineer on water treatment plant expansion projects and was responsible for designing multiple elements and generating project specific specifications.