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Carlsbad Desalination Project

The Carlsbad Desalination project is the largest desalination plant in the western hemisphere. The $922M project is the first large-scale desalination plant on the West Coast. The project includes a desalination plant, a pumping station, product water storage and a ten-mile product water conveyance pipeline. The plant will produce 50 million gallons of desalinated seawater (MGD) a day and provide ten percent of the total drinking water needed by San Diego. Factory inspection of the 50,000 lineal feet of 54” diameter heavy wall high pressure welded steel pipe and fittings occurred at several fabrication locations in both Southern and Northern California. Additionally 28,000 lineal feet of 67”-69” diameter of RCCP required steel relining at fabrication locations in Phoenix AZ.

Major components installed consisted of five-54”, one-66”, one-96”, seventy-8”-20” DHC Butterfly Valves, and one 54” VAG Plunger, which required our presence during fabrication at facilities located in South Korea and Germany.

This project required QA verification and witness testing, welding, fabrication, painting and electrical workmanship reviewed by Water Authority inspectors during manufacturing and prior to shipment.